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SHMEKNATION was built for independent musicians and music fans.  “Independent” means that you are not currently signed to a record label contract with a major distribution deal.  SHMEKNATION provides a platform for independent artists to achieve their musical goals, while at the same time giving music fans the chance to determine tomorrow’s break through artists.

SHEMKNATION uses our combined 55+ years of music industry experience and resources to provide musicians with access and exposure they cannot get anywhere.  The same access and exposure that major record labels like SONY, Universal, Warner, Capitol, Mercury, Def Jam, Hollywood, Interscope, and others have been using for over 15 years.  For example, SHMEKNATION will broadcast your music on Shmek-U, our college music network on 185 campuses reaching a monthly student traffic count of over 35 million.  Your music will be featured alongside today’s biggest stars like Eminem, Korn, Taylor Swift, 30 Seconds To Mars, Carrie Underwood, Cage The Elephant, Plain White T’s and many more.  This and other promotional opportunities from SHMEKNATION provide you with incredible exposure for your music and ultimately income from your hard work.  The best part is that you keep 100% of the income generated from the SHMEKNATION opportunities.  SHMEKNATION believes the artist should profit from their work.

SHMEKNATION also believes in the power of the people.  Unlike other websites, contests, television shows, or record labels who have a few “experts” or “judges” decide who has talent we let the fans determine who is making good music.  FAN’S OPINIONS MATTER.  Their vote decides which SHMEKNATION musicians advance up the charts and participate in SHMEKNATION promotional opportunities.  SHMEKNATION will take your music as far as YOU and YOUR FANS want it go.



In today’s world of social networks, SHMEKNATION helps artists be everywhere at once uniting musicians with their fans.  After all, with a rabid and loyal fan base an artist can earn a living through their music.  So whether you want to compete against the major record labels, be signed by a major record label, or just earn a comfortable living through your music SHMEKNATION is for you.

SHMEKNATION provides artists with the tools they need to succeed.  Your SHMEKNATION account includes the following:

  • Shmek-U College Music Network – this program is used by all of the major record labels every month.  Now you can have your music broadcast alongside today’s biggest stars on 185 campuses nationwide with over 35 million in monthly student traffic.
  • SHMEKNATION Micco-Mash social networking software – your license allows you to update all of your social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.) with just one click.
  • SHMEKNATION texting campaigns – we provide you the platform to execute text campaigns and grow your fan base.  You have access to the unforgettable 90210 short-code to reach customers.
  • Major record label A&R Departments – SHMEKNATION has been dealing with the major record label A&R Departments for over 17 years and successful ShmekNation artists can get direct access to these decision makers.
  • Music distribution.
  • Radio airplay.
  • Music submission services for feature films and television.
  • Customizable SHMEKNATION profile to create your “band” identity – post your music and videos, create your own radio station, create your own video channel, post pictures, post blogs, post calendar of events, offer coupons, discounts, and promotions, communicate with your fans via chat or email, and create a storefront to sell your music, concert tickets, merchandise, or any other items you wish to sell.
  • Artist keeps 100% of all revenue earned from the above SHMEKNATION services.
  • ShmekShare:  In addition to the revenue you generate, SHMEKNATION also shares 50% of our internet advertising revenue with the artists.  Sign up today and start making money.

SHMEKNATION is all about the artists’ profiting from their work.  Whether it’s revenue from signing a record contract, revenue from placing your music in a feature film, or revenue from sales in your SHMEKNATION storefront artists keep 100% of the income generated from our services.  We do not believe in taking a percentage of anything you earn.

However, we are a business with expenses so we do have to make some money.  That is why we charge a nominal monthly or annual fee for an artist to be a member of SHMEKNATION and take advantage of all we have to offer.  The fees are as follows:

                                Monthly Fee - $14.95                                                     Annual Fee - $119.99

As we said before, with a loyal and rabid fan base an artist can make a successful living from their music career.  SHMEKNATION has to the tools to increase your fan base and provide you exposure like no one else.  SHMEKNATION – launching independent artists’ music careers.  Sign up today to BE SEEN, BE HEARD, and BE FAMOUS.


SHMEKNATION gives the power to the people.  Your vote determines who rises to the top of the charts, your vote determines who is broadcast on the Shmek-U music network, your vote determines who reaches radio airplay – in essence, your vote launches careers.  As a member of SHMEKNATION you are eligible to win great prizes like iPADS and Grammy tickets through our contests and promotional giveaways, but best of all, you will be able to discover great, new music.  Even better, your discovery today will be the break through artist of tomorrow because YOUR OPINION MATTERS.

Each fan has a profile page on SHMEKNATION.  Your profile page is completely customized so you can design the look and feel that you want to create.  Once you have built your profile you can vote for bands, communicate with bands and other users, add comments on artists, write blogs, create a radio station with your favorite music from the site, and so much more.  Sign up today and make a difference in tomorrow’s music.